Agile Consulting

At Autedi we specialize in Agile Consulting and Training with the focus to driving organisational transformation. We are committed to offering expert consulting for organisations, implementing Agile Software Development.

This means forming a close partnership with our clients to define and execute their strategic vision, while ensuring all stakeholders are aligned.  

We understand what it’s like for an organisation to go through a period of growth and find themselves faced with some challenging decisions. Should you recruit or outsource? Do you need to redevelop a product or build a new one? What technology should you use? How should you organise your teams to ensure optimum efficiency? How do your team members feel about this and is there a requirement for change management?

Regardless of how new your organisation may be to Agile, our team is highly experienced to support you in ensuring overall business success.

Our clients range from small co-located teams through to geographically dispersed teams and are all benefiting from implementing an Agile approach to software development and remaining ahead of their competitors.

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